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How to Do an Easy Updo with Naturally Curly Hair

Learn how to do an easy updo if you have naturally curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


I just wanted to show you how to do a really quick easy up-do using naturally curly hair. Curly hair is great for up-dos because you already have the natural base of what you would want to do with a curling iron. What I'm going to do is I'm going to do a really low chignon. I'm going to leave this whole section out here in the front. Then I'm going to take it, going to take three little sections, and I'm going to start with the middle section. I'm going to start to twist it in a little bun, really loosely.

Then I'm going to pin that into place using several bobby pins. A good tip with bobby pins is don't ever open them before you slide them into the hair. They're only meant to hold a certain amount of hair, so when you open them you're actually over stuffing them. Usually about three pins per little bun works perfect. After I pin it I just want to fluff it back up. Now I'm going to take the other two sections and I'm going to do the same thing.

I think this is a great look if you're going to something a little bit more formal but not too fancy. If you're going to a wedding, maybe you're in a more casual wedding party, I think this is a great quick little look. Now you can take the front section and do whatever you want with it. I always like to keep a couple of pieces out and loose around the face just for a really natural look. I'm just going to twist it, adding in the extra hair, just a really casual twist back.

From this point you can decide where you want to put your twist. If you want to put it underneath, if you want to do it over. I kind of like over so that's what we'll do. Twist, and then I'll put a bobby pin right behind the ear to secure it into place. Then I'm going to continue it over the top of our three little buns that we created. I'll bobby pin that into place. Then I want to mirror that on this side. Get to this back section, decide where you want it. I'm going to bobby pin it at the same place we did the other. I'm mirroring the same thing on the other side. I'm going to twist and go across the back. This side is a little longer so I'm just going to tuck it in under here.

Again the great thing with curly hair is you have that natural texture built in to your hair so things usually want to stay in place better, but feel free to use as many bobby pins as you need to put everything into place. Then I always when I get to the front I just want to refine everything around the front. If you need to re-curl something with a curling iron, do it. If you decide that you want less or more pieces around the face, you can always adjust then. I'm going to do a little less, so I'm just tucking this hair into the top.

There you have it. It's a quick little up-do. It would be great to wear to prom or if you have some other kind of formal event, or even something more casual, if you have a beautiful sundress on. It takes five minutes, why not add a little something extra to it?

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