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How to Create a Curly Wedding Hairstyle, Part 1

Learn how to create a curly wedding hairstyle from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial, part 1 of a 2-part series.


So I'm going to show you how to do a beautiful wedding hairstyle for naturally curly hair. This is a great look for a wedding because it's interesting from all sides. I'm going to start with the hair natural and then I'm going to add curls to it with a curling iron. So the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm going to separate a big rectangular shape on the top and I'm going to twist that up. I'm also going to leave two little sections out on top of each year. Then what we’re going to do is were going to work from the back. A good rule of thumb to remember when you're doing and up-do, is to decide how high up you what you're up-do. So we are going to do a low sheen on, but we want to make sure that we're doing it in the right place. So if you had a backless dress, a really beautiful place would be to do it really, really low on the back of your neck. If you had any kind of the strap at all, I would go a little bit higher than that. Just kind of mid-way, just decide where you want to see it. You could also do asymmetrical, so you could do off to one side. Which would be really beautiful if you had a one strap dress, but we are going to do kind of low today. So I'm just smoothing the hair back. We're actually going to put it into a ponytail. And this would be a great style for even, kind of, a medium length hair. . If you have shoulder length hair you could easily do the same look, and it would actually give you the illusion that you have much more hair. So, I'm going to take that ponytail, make sure that it's secure and then I'm just going to curl and refine some of these curls.

And I would stick to a curl that's just a little bit bigger than your own, because this is a nice textured look. We want to keep it textured.

Another nice thing is were starting with curly hair, so when we add a curl on the 30 how the hair wants to be so you'll get a longer lasting look this way. As opposed to if we went and straightened their hair out first and then put the curls back in. So I'm just quickly curling a couple of pieces. Refining them. I decided to curl it inside the ponytail because it saves you a little bit of time, instead of curling all this hair that I knew was going to be swept back anyway. After you've curled the ponytail, just roughly curled it, were going to take it and actually going to back tease the curl. I'm going to take a single curl, I'm going to twist it a little bit at the end, and then I'm going to twist up. So I have one hair in my hand and I just kind of rouged it up. So because we want this low, and off the top of the ponytail, I'm going to start at the top. I always take the tip and I tuck it in and spin it. This will allow you to build any kind of shape that you want, but instead of taking and making everything like so perfect, it just gives you a great natural, textured look. So I'm going to do that throughout.

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