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How to Create a Curly Wedding Hairstyle, Part 2

Learn to create a curly hair wedding hairstyle from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial, part 2 in a 2-part series.


So now I have just rouged this, and I am going to wrap it around the top here. I hold it very loosely with my hand. Then I pin it. This is just going to be the base shape for what I am doing on the top. There is no right way or wrong way to do it.

When you are starting out, I think the bigger the sections you take, the fewer the sections, the more beautiful the outcome will be. You have created a beautiful little chignon. Then we are going to add to that. What we are going to do is take these pieces on the side, and we are going to curl them with a curling iron, and I am curling them backwards towards the face because that is where the hair is going to drape to cover.

I am going to take these curls, and I am going to pin them going back. Then I would do the same thing on the other side. So now I am going to move on to the rectangular section that we did on the top of the head. I am going to take it, and I am going to section it in half. I am going to create a little height on the crown. I am just going to back comb them a little piece here, just a soft little back comb. We do not want to anything too big, but we want to create a little bit of height right here.

I am just going to smooth this hair. So when we get to the top of the bun shape, I am going to take it and do a little twist. Then kind of push it up so we are maintaining a little bit of height there. I am just going to pin it in place. Then I am going to take this extra hair, and I am going to use it to fill in a little spot right here. Remember, always check for symmetry. Now this shape is still very moveable and bendable. It is not stuck into place. I can very easily manipulate it still. Now with the top, we are going to create some beautiful texture in the top moving backwards. I am going to do very similar effect on the sides, only I am going to do it with the top. It is going to lay and drape over everything back here.

I am just going to do the same thing that I did on the sides, on the top. I am actually taking this top section into two little sections of back curl and then a curl on top of that. I am curling them in the same direction as each other. Most important part about this is getting that curl at the root. So I am curling these pieces here because I am refining the texture. So I have just finished curling the front, and you can see how separate the curls are. You can almost see through them. So now we are going to take and we are going to rake our hands through lightly. We do not want them to look too perfect.

We are going to start pinning it and covering. So we have left this really curly because as you can see the shape under here is not so curly. We are going to create that overlay of texture like we want. I am just very loosely pinning these in. I am not going to worry about the ends until the very last. I am working from that second row of curls back. I am going to continue draping everything along the back, covering up the shape. Now we spin around and we deal with what is happening in the back. I like to use these ends to do a couple of things. It depends. If you want this to just feel like a flow of curls back here, then you would just integrate them in, and they would become part of the flow. If you wanted to make it feel like a separate chignon, you could use these to create a kind of banded look on the top.

I like it to just be a flow of curls back. I think if you wore your hair naturally curly most of the time, this will feel like a very natural way to be a bride. You will feel very you. You will look just like the most glamorous version of yourself. So there you have a very romantic bridal look with naturally curly hair.

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