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2 Best Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Learn about the best hairstyles for short curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


People ask me one of the best hairstyles for short hair, and I think we oftentimes look to celebrities to see what inspires us.

A couple of great celebrities with curly hair that's short would be, obviously, Halle Berry is probably the most popular. She's traditionally had a shorter kind of pixie, funky cut, which works beautifully with curly hair.

I would definitely recommend if you were going for that kind of a style to try a razor cut. Sometimes what a razor cut does is it just refines the ends of the curls and gives you lots and lots of movement and texture. It's a great cut for curly hair.

Another person that comes to mind would be Rihanna. She's had beautiful short, curly hair forever. Her hair tends to be a bit longer and much more layered, but she always plays with the shape of her curly hair.

So she will have a lot of volume right on the top, or she'll swoop everything really dramatically over to the side, or she'll go back with it. So she has a lot of inspirational looks out there for women with short hair. Just have fun with it and play around.

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