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3 Best Hairstyles for Medium Length Curly Hair

Learn about the best hairstyles for medium length curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


People ask me what the best styles are for medium-length curly hair. I would definitely recommend looking at some celebrities. Some celebrity inspiration never hurts. I get a lot of inspiration actually from Sandy Newton. She consistently has curly hair, but it's always a beautiful shape. She varies. It can be either shoulder length or even a little bit longer, but what you'll notice about looking at various pictures of her is that she changes the silhouette of her shorter hair. She will go, instead of doing a traditional bob, she'll really lift those layers up so she almost has a diamond shaped haircut. She just really experiments with the shape of the silhouette of her haircut. She's a really great one.

Another great celebrity would be Kate Hudson. She's had consistently curly medium-length hair and she tends to wear hers kind of parted in the center and more of the boohoo feel which is always great. She keeps it soft and layered mainly at the bottom, so it's kind of got some kicks and flips to it. Keeps the hair really structured and really smoothed, and then finishes with a fuller bottom so that it's more of that, again, boohoo shape.

Another great young celebrity would be Anna Lynne McCord. She does kind of a more funky style, I'd say. She has tons and tons of layers. She has curly bangs. She has you know this wild shape. She really lets her curls go. If you have a bit of a funkier personality or style I think she's a great person to find some inspiration from.

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