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3 Best Hairstyles for Long Curly Hair

Learn about the best hairstyles for long curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


So when people ask me what are some great haircuts for women with long, curly hair, a lot of people come to mind.

I think Beyoncé is a great reference point. She pretty consistently rocks a nice, natural style, keeping it long. She has a little bit longer layering happening there, so it's just a bit refined along the bottom of it.

Taylor Swift is another young star that we see now who consistently has pretty long, curly hair. She has a big swooping bang to it. She adds a little bit of funk that way. She refines her natural curls with a curling iron, so she's able to achieve a smooth, sleek look.

Then, who can forget iconic Julia Roberts with her curly hair? She went from having just huge, huge hair to really learning how to refine her natural texture, maybe adding some curling iron pieces to the top or blowing it dry a little smoother, or just using a bigger shape.

You could also achieve that look if you have tighter hair by just doing some twisted sections that were a big section of curls. So maybe do four sections in the back and then two on the sides. Let it air dry or diffuse it. Then you'd get a nice bigger curled look like Julia Roberts.

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