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How to Do Vintage Curly Hairstyles

Learn how to do some vintage curly hairstyles from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


I'm going to show you how to a great advantage hair style.

We are going to almost give the illusion of a bob, and we're also going to do some finger waves in the front.

I'm going to take a rectangular section on the top of her head.

I've started this look with an extreme side part.

Then I'm just going to pin that into place while I work with the rest of the hair.

The rest of the hair we're going to use a smoothing brush to smooth it into place.

I'm a actually using a natural boar-bristle brush, and the reason I'm using that it's going you the smoothest shiniest effect.

? smooth the hair all the way over, and then I'm just going to place it right behind her ear with a clear elastic band.

So now that I have all the hair over to the side, I am just going to create a bun.

So I'm creating a bun but I want it really low and flat to the head, and I'm just going to hold it in place and bobby pin it.

So now I'm going to take the top rectangular shape that we had before, and I'm going to divide it into three.

I'm going to start with this first segment here and I'm going to curl it.

I am wrapping the hair from root to tip, all of it's going to be moving towards the face.

You're going to do this throughout all of these sections, so there'll be three different sections.

I'll do this section, all of it moving towards the face.

Second section same.

Third section same.

OK, last curl there.

Now when I finish the curls, I would let them set.

I would let them come to a completely cool state, usually about five to ten minutes, longer if you have it.

Now that I've let it cool I'm going to go ahead and brush it out.

I'm using again the same natural brush.

I'm going to brush it from the bottom up, and the reason I curled everything in the same direction is because when you do that, after you brush it out it all goes in the same direction.

You can take it and kind of accentuate the waves with your hands.

Then I'm going to take the ends, I'm going to curl them under.

This is a really pretty look too, you could to do this to the whole entire head.

Just make sure every piece of hair comes towards the face.

It's a very old Hollywood glamorous look.

Just be sure to cover up all the lines.

Remember we had created that shape back here.

I'm just kind of spreading the hair out and back.

Then once you have it spread out adequately , you're going to take the ends and I'm just going to wrap it around my finger.

The same ends that you curled with the curling iron, so you're just mimicking that shape.

I'm just going to attach it to our bun then I want to come and shape the front.

This would be a great look for a wedding, or for your wedding for that matter.

Finish it with the lightness of flexible hold hairspray.

This is such a great look, it's always one of my favorites.

It feels very Boardwalk Empire, or very glamorous.

It'd be great if you were throwing an Oscar party.

This is a vintage inspired look for naturally curly hair.

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