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How to Braid Curly Hair

Learn how to braid curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa with this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


So, we're going to create today a very simple braid for curly hair. This is a great look to do when it's really humid, I think braids are a great way to keep that humidity in check. But, we're gonna start off with French Braid, and we're gonna work the French Braid really, really low across the forehead, almost like a bang, and then we're actually gonna just French Braid to the top of the ear, and then we're gonna continue a regular braid along the back. So, here we go.

So, we're starting with a far side-part. If you don't normally part side-part, that's OK, too. I would even go a little farther than you would naturally part it. So, I'm going to take a pretty long section of hair, and I'm going to drag this section down. Now, this is important: the farther you drag it down, the farther swooped your fake bang will be. You could also start your French Braid up here, at the top, and wind it down. So, we're gonna take, it from the top. We're gonna do an inside-out French braid, meaning, all of the pieces are gonna go underneath each other. So, I'm just gonna start with a simple French Braid. The difference is, I'm only going to be adding hair in from this part, and then all the way around the forehead. I'm not gonna add any extra pieces from the top. And that's really important as you're starting this out, that you continue to drag it down. You always want to go in the direction that you want the braid to go.

This is a great start to a lot of different looks. You could incorporate this into an up-do. I think this look is beautiful, too, when you have really, really curly hair, because you can see all those curly pieces along side. You could do a lot of different things with this look, just use your imagination. So this is the last piece, this is the piece right above her ear. So, I'm just gonna finish off the braid by continuing just a traditional braid back, and you can do this as far as you want to. I'm gonna do it almost to the end, then I'm gonna tighten with a clear elastic, and then I'm gonna expand the braid on both sides. I'm gonna puff it up a little bit. I like to start up here. You're gonna take each side of the braid and pull it out. So, you're just fanning out this hair, creating all this fullness. This is a great tip if you have really fine hair, you can create so much volume using braids. And, depending on the look that you want, you can spread this out, you know, pretty far, and get almost a couture look with it. I'm gonna take this braid and wrap it around to the back of the head, and I'm gonna take a bobby pin, and pin it back, and I've pinned it kind of underneath the hair here in the back. I'm gonna take another bobby pin and cross it over just so it's secure. And then you just let the hair that you kept out fall over the top. So, you can't see where the braid begins or ends, it just travels backwards.

So, a couple of great options from this point is, I always love if you could tuck one piece behind the ear and then wear it all off to the side, and then you get the braid traveling over it. You could even do a pony tail here, if you wanted something more specific, or continue the braid down here, and then it would look like a single braid just traveled through. Or, you could just leave it down. The possibilities are really endless with this look. So, this is a braided look for naturally curly hair.

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