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3 Best Hair Products for Curly Hair

Learn about the three best hair products for curly hair from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast curly hair tutorial.


So the number one question I get asked about curly hair is, what are the best products for me? I wanted to start and explain kind of what was available to you now. Products are really intuitive and really smart now. I think the smarter customers get the more they ask for things. One thing that we've noticed as a shift in curly hair products is this beautiful, touchable memory that curly hair products have now. What you're looking for now is a balance of smoothness and hold in a product, and we're able to achieve that quite readily in many different product lines.

Some of my favorite product lines are, I really love the Bumble and Bumble product line. They have, a lot of lines have this too, they have two different types of product for curly hair. You have, basically, coarse super-curly hair and then you have fine, maybe beachier curly hair. So, the biggest difference is the ones that are for the coarser hair are going to have more conditioning agents, and then the ones for finer hair are going to have more energizing curl properties. A lot of times you'll see something that will actually help your hair become curlier.

Another thing to consider is leave-in conditioners work great. We have a lot of beautiful oil-based, like Moroccan oil or actives or something like that's really oil-based, nourishing that can add a little bit of polish and shine to the hair. Also consider if you haven't ever tried it using a beach product. There are some really beautiful, I love the Sam Brocato Back to the Beach spray. It's a very light mist that just adds a bit of texture to your hair. So if you have super fine hair I really love it because it doesn't weigh the hair down and make it heavy, but it should add and give you a little bit more curl. But it gives you kind of a sexy bedhead look, almost like when you step out of the ocean how your hair has that great texture and piece-y-ness to it. It's kind of satin finish so it's a bit more of a modern finish to the hair.

Then if you haven't thought about it, actually mousses and gels have been re-envisioned also. You might be able to find something that you're happy with in any number of these different product lines. I would definitely encourage you to experiment with different things and find what works for you.

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