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6 Fast & Easy Baking Tips | Quick Tips

Learn 6 quick tips for fast and easy baking in this video from Howcast.


Man: Using canned frosting? Double it by whipping it with an electric mixer. Sweet!

Woman 1: Cake gone stale? Prevent future dry-outs by brushing the layers with simple syrup or liqueur before you frost them. Fresh!

Woman 2: Using store bought cake mix? Add a half stick of softened butter, a half cup of flour, and one teaspoon of baking powder to the listed ingredients and it will taste like it was made from scratch.

Woman 3: Stand about a foot away and blow warm air on your just iced cake with a hair dryer. It will make the icing look glossy.

Woman 4: How do you say I love you with cupcakes? Fill paper liners halfway with batter, stick a marble between the liner and the sweet side of the tin, then finish filling.

Woman 5: Crave melt in your mouth brownies without the fat? Using a store bought mix and substitute the oil, eggs, and water with a can of diet cola. So delicious.

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