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7 Fast and Easy Ways to Save Money | Quick Tips

Learn 7 fast and easy ways to save money in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Woman 1: Going broke on haircuts? Extend their life by coating dry ends with conditioner when you get into the shower, then washing and conditioning as usual. Thrifty!

Man 1: Short shelf life? Add a pinch of table salt to milk to keep it fresher longer.

Man 2: Tired of buying dryer sheets? Put two drops of tea tree oil on an unbleached piece of muslin. Add more drops with each use and wash occasionally.

Woman 2: Toothpaste tube almost empty? Squeeze the last little bit out with a rolling pin.

Woman 3: New dye job? Make it last longer by running a flat iron over dry hair. It seals in the color.

Man 3: Clothes fading and piling? Keep them looking new longer by turning them inside out before washing.

Man 4: Water bill blues? Using tepid water for hand washing saves money and is just effective as washing with hot water. Caching!

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