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10 Cleaning Tips for People who Hate Housework | Quick Tips

Learn 10 cleaning tips for people who hate housework in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Can't reach the cobwebs?

Drag a helium balloon around them. Gone.

Coffee grinder a dirty mess?

Grind uncooked white rice in there until the rice comes out clean.


Artificial flowers gathering dust?

Put them in a paper bag with a cup of salt. Fold it closed and shake.

The dirt will fall right off.

Microwave spill?

Cover it with a wet paper towel and nuke for 10 seconds. It'll wipe right up when the cloth cools.

Dusty shades?

Blast them with a can of compressed air. The kind used to clean computer keyboards. All clean.

Rusty or water spotted chrome?

Pour cola on it, then wipe with the shiny side of alumium foil.

What a bright idea!

Slimy vase?

Pour some baking soda inside, followed by a few pours of white vinegar and scrub. All clear!

Used milk glasses covered in scummy film?

Rinse them in cold water before washing them with hot water and soap. Sparkle.

Sponge got grunge?

Pop it into the microwave while it's damp and nuke it for one minute.


Dusty mini-blinds? Wipe them with a damp dryer sheet which also helps prevent new dust from collecting. Voila!

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