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10 Computer Shortcuts You Should Know | Quick Tips

Learn 10 computer shortcuts in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Firefox flagging words you know you spelled right?

Right click a word and choose "Add to dictionary" to override the browser's spell check. Smart!

Need some details on a Mac file?

Select the file and press Command and "I" to get its information. Easy.

Want to access open applications on your Mac?

Hold down Command and press Tab to navigate between programs. Easy!

Moved away from a webpage too soon? Press Command and the left arrow key to move back a page using Firefox, Safari, or Chrome on a Mac. Presto!

Want to get more from your Mac's one-button mouse?

Hold down the Control button and then you click to get the same effect as pressing the right click on a two-button mouse. Ta da!

Tired of mousing between tabs in Firefox and Chrome on a Mac?

Press the Command key then numbers one through eight to navigate to any of your first eight open tabs and the nine button to jump to your last open tab. Ah ha!

Want to navigate a webpage fast?

Click the space bar to move down the page and shift plus the spacebar to move back up. It works on both Macs and PCs.

Want to restore the text size of a Mac's web browser?

Press Command and zero to reset the zoom to its default settings.

Want to take a screen shot on a Mac?

Press Command, Shift, and three to save the image on your computer's desktop.

Text size on a Mac's web browser too big or small?

Press Command and the plus key to zoom in and Command and minus to zoom out. Wow!

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