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10 Handy Holiday Hacks | Quick Tips

Learn 10 handy holiday hacks in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Woman 1: Christmas presents headed for different places? Wrap gifts in one color or pattern per destination to avoid mix-up. Jolly idea.

Man 1: Fill a Mason jar a third of the way with Epsom salts mixed with a little silver glitter and stick a white votive candle in the center. It creates a gorgeous snowy candle lantern. Sparkling!

Woman 2: Wrapping presents? Add bows, ribbons, and tags right before you give your gifts to make sure they don't get damaged during storage or transport. Beautiful!

Woman 3: Leftover eggnog? Use it in place of plain milk to make French toast. Yummy!

Woman 4: Hosting a holiday meal? Match serving utensils and dishes the night before. Then label the dishes with a sticky note so the right food ends up in the right dish. Smart!

Man 2: Roll candles in Mod Podge and then in Epsom salts to make them sparkle. Pretty!

Man 3: Mailing Christmas gifts? Save money by using empty plastic soda or milk bottles as shipping containers. Stuff the item through the mouth or in a slit you cut, tape it shut, wrap it in mailing paper, stick on a label and postage, and it's good to go. Nifty!

Woman 5: Leftover wrapping paper scraps? Cut and fold them into gift tags. Neat!

Woman 6: Burned out light bulbs? Coat them with water-based varnish, add tissue paper, and decorate with metallic paints. Tie colorful yarn around the bases to make Christmas tree ornaments. Merry, merry!

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