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10 Simple Solutions to Pesky Problems | Quick Tips

Learn 10 simple solutions to pesky problems in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Song stuck in your head?

Try singing it out loud. That sometimes erases it. Relief!

Shoes all wet?

Stuff them with crumpled newspaper and let them sit overnight. Neat.

Growing old waiting for the ketchup?

Tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle and quickly tap the middle and index fingers along the neck. It forces the ketchup past the blockage. Easy!

Flower arrangements floppy?

Create a clear grid of tape over the top of your vase. Then, place the stems through it to add stability. Beautiful!

Tangled jewelry driving you nuts?

String one end of a thin-chained necklace through a drinking straw and then attach the clasp. Neato!

Plastic bags building up?

Store them in an empty tissue box. Neat!

Heavy box weighing you down?

Put it on top of an empty one that's the same size or larger. It will instantly feel lighter.

Garlicky hands?

Rub them with a stainless steel object to remove the odor. Much better.

Want your drinking glasses to dry in a jiffy?

Lay down two chopsticks parallel to one another and balance and upside down glass or two on top. That allows the air to circulate freely, helping them dry faster.

Waking up in the middle of the night?

Try wetting a towel with cool water and lightly wiping your arms, legs, and torso to get back to sleep fast. Cool!

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