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10 Ways to Make Life Easier | Quick Tips

Learn 10 ways to make life easier in this quick tips video from Howcast.


Woman 1: Ironing a time suck? Line your board with aluminum foil, reflective side up, and then replace the cover. The foil reflects heat so both sides of your clothes get ironed at once. Wow!

Man 1: Spending too much time looking for your car? Take a picture of a nearby sign or landmark with your camera phone, and you won't forget where you parked.

Woman 2: Can't wait to devour your burger? Speed things up by poking a hole in the center of the raw patty with your thumb. It will not only cook faster but more evenly. Yum!

Woman 3: Wet hair? Blow dry it faster by doing it outside the bathroom which is too humid for quick drying. Smart!

Woman 4: Crummy keyboard? Use the sticky side of a Post It Note to lift bits from between the keys. Ta Da!

Woman 5: Got the frizzies? Apply hair spray, then roll the canister over your strands, from roots to ends. It flattens out the frizz and prevents flyaways.

Woman 6: Need to dry greens in a jiffy? Put them into a clean pillowcase and spin the case over your head like a helicopter blade for 30 seconds. Woosh!

Man 2: Forgot to take dinner out of the freezer? Put it unwrapped on any unheated, uncoated thick metal skillet or pan. It conducts the room's heat. Cool!

Man 3: To hull a strawberry in a flash? Poke the end of a straw through the bottom tip of the strawberry and push through. The core will pop, and you'll just have to pick off a few leaves.

Woman 7: Threading a needle? Spray your fingertips and the end of the thread with hair spray. Easy!

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