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Gemini Personality

Learn about people born under the Gemini sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Gemini is an air sign. In astrology, the signs are divided into earth, air, fire, water, and each has different meaning. The air signs are the intellectuals. They live through their minds. Gemini particularly is the sign of curiosity.

So what the Gemini wants to do in life is discover. It doesn't have to be important. Actually, they say that a Gemini knows a lot about everything, or perhaps it's a little about everything, and a lot about nothing.

Basically the Gemini looks for a partner, a lover, who can stimulate his or her mind. Gemini tends to be a little complicated, because it's the sign of the twins, and therefore in love is looking for its alter ego, looking for its twin soul. On the other hand, it gets bored very quickly. So it moves on from twin soul to twin soul.

So to keep a Gemini interested, one has to really keep up mentally. Gemini is like a genii in a bottle, because each time you meet the Gemini maybe he or she will show a different facet of himself or herself. Basically, a Gemini makes a fabulous lover, an even better friend, and someone who can be a traveler through life.

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