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Leo Personality

Learn about people born under the Leo sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Leo is the sign of the show person. I say that in the sense that the Leo always feels that he or she is on stage. It draws the spotlight, it, I say it but let's say, he or she always creates a sense of excitement and of glamour. Leo looks for experiences in life that are heightened, looks for something grand, looks as if he or she were living a saga or a movie, and of course Leo is the star of this movie. Leo thrives on attention, and it doesn't mean that a Leo is necessarily a braggart, but simply that Leo flowers with a lot of attention. Leo in turn deserves attention because he or she is talented, created, and generous, in many ways happy-go-lucky.

He or she believes in the best and sees you at your best. There is a glow, there's radiance to Leo. In love of course Leo needs to be the center of attention and in a relationship doesn't like competition for the spotlight. So, a person who can fit and give and fit in with that need of giving Leo, let's say, the light and be an escort, it would work very well. Leos get along very well with people who are also excitable, adventurous, who look for what I would call living life to the fullest.

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