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How to Seduce a Taurus

Learn how to seduce someone born under the Taurus sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus looks for elegance in life. So in many ways if you have just met a Taurus, then you should behave as if you know good manners. You are well-dressed, that you are not loud, obnoxious, bossy. The Taurus is someone that needs loyalty and stability, bottom line, and therefore is looking for someone that exhibits the qualities of being trustworthy.

Taurus loves the good life. In fact, Taurus sometimes runs into problems of being too much of a gourmet or too much of a sensualist. Not necessarily a sexualist, but a sensualist, loves beautiful fabrics, loves beauty in general. So if you are someone that can appeal to that side, in other words, to look as if you too enjoy beauty and artistic and creative pursuits. You like to go to the theater. You are interested in fine decoration, fine wine, good foo. All that will immediately attract a Taurus.

To stay in a relationship, even if it's a short relationship, Taurus has to feel that he or she trusts you, believes in you and that you are being truthful.

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