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How to Seduce a Cancer

Learn how to seduce someone born under the Cancer sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer is the sign of nurturing, caring, of being the person who wants to be close. Now this can happen almost instantly. Cancer's can send out a vibration, and when he or she first meets you and if you can respond to that; it's not necessarily a closeness in physicality; but it's a closeness in emotions or in feeling what they are feeling. Sometimes that's unspoken.

But again, if you are sensitive enough and maybe that's the clue, to be sensitive to a Cancer's sensitivity then that's immediate attraction. Of course, Cancerian's adore the feeling that they are being wooed. That you are giving them admiration. That you approve of them, because bottom line, what Cancer's want and need is love. So love can be shown in many ways, even at the beginning.

You can care about the Cancer. Because the Cancer is interesting and warm, and dear and funny, and immediately you start to approve of that person, the Cancer. The Cancer feels that approval, which in turn is like love. I'm talking about really - things that are going on under the surface. Because the Cancer is very deep and lives through its senses, rather than its mental, let's say, facility. Certainly Cancer's are highly intelligent.

But as they go through life, they feel in terms of their work, their artistry, their relationships, their friendships - everything is through their feeling - and so that is one way to attract them. To be someone who can feel what they're feeling. Longer term a Cancer needs; obviously, being the sign of the family to feel that they are part of a close family. A family means people that will be there forever. So if you can impart that feeling, once again the word feeling that you are there, loyal down the line and in the Cancer's life forever, then you've got the Cancer hooked.

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