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How to Seduce a Libra

Learn how to seduce someone born under the Libra sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Libra in the sign of zodiac is the sign of partnership, so already the people that meet Librans have, lets say, a leg up, you've got an in with Libra, because Libra really wants to be in a relationship.

Libra is a kind of complicated sign in that it's glamorous, it loves art and beauty. Libra loves admiration, of course we all do, but Libra likes to be thought of as special. So if immediately you can give attention to the Librans and be someone who has a certain inborn elegance, or artistic nature, or creative nature, the Libra will immediately be attracted.

The seduction of a Libra is somewhat complicated because Libra also doesn't like someone who comes on too quickly. Libra wants to get to know you a little bit. Libra is however, I'd say overwhelmed by a sense that you know how to live a good life, good in the sense of luxurious. A Libra woman usually loves to have a glass of champagne. A libra man likes to have you elegantly dressed, know your manners, and know how to speak correctly.

So again when I talk about a Libran it sounds as if the Libra is very choosey it's true, but Libra really wants to be understood, to be cared about, as I suppose we all do, but Libra wants that up front, wants you to show the Libran that you find him or her fascinating, interesting, elegant, beautifully appointed. In general the Libra like to go to places, let's say you're going to dinner, places that are quiet, well appointed in terms of candlelight, nice wine. Libra is really not a rough and tumble person.

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