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How to Seduce a Scorpio

Learn how to seduce someone born under the Scorpio sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Actually, it's easy to seduce a Scorpio because if all you want is a bedmate, Scorpio is very willing to accommodate. What's harder is to really pull a Scorpio into you, or for you to pull close to a Scorpio because Scorpio can be very secretive, can put up walls (although they may not look like walls), and there's a whole under layer to a Scorpio that he or she does not reveal at first. A Scorpio is a serious person, doesn't make promises lightly. Scorpio needs a sense that you are a committed person, you tell the truth. A Scorpio once burned will never ever, ever come back.

In many ways, a Scorpio can be problematical. Scorpio is filled with a kind of intensity about life. They want to experience deeply and therefore want to feel that even on a first date or on a first meeting that you have an interest in the deeper things in life. Scorpios tend not to skim over the surface. They're the kind of people who dig deeply into a subject. If you can find out what the Scorpio is reading for example, what book is the Scorpio reading right now, and if you can speak somewhat knowledgeably on that subject or if you've had some experience in that subject, immediately you'll grab their attention.

In general, the Scorpio is looking for someone to share feelings, although that will take a while, someone who can share opinions and basically share who you are. A Scorpio can be very difficult and controlling, so you need to learn how to get around that. Never butt heads with a Scorpio. I personally (I haven't gotten personal in this series yet) love the character of Scorpio because it is deep and intense and because it is so very real and wants to live a life that is truly authentic. That's the key really to attracting a Scorpio. Are you an authentic person?

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