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Is Aries Compatible with Aries?

Find out if Aries is compatible with another Aries from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Aries and Aries are a combustible mix. Both are fire signs. Aries is a fire sign. When you put two fires together, you get even a bigger fire. So essentially in a way the first flush of the affair is very sexual. They love making love. They're passionate.

The excitement factor in an affair between two Aries is very high. Both of them enjoy an explosive life, in a way, that things are magnificent and full of passion. an Aries does look for passion in everything that he or she does.

The issue between the two Aries is that both want to lead. Both are the ringleader. Both want to be at the head of the class. So there is a high competition factor in and Aries and Aries combination.

Very often what will happen is that the woman Aries tries to dominate. The male Aries doesn't like this, and so they immediately lead to a lead to a certain conflict. They can work this out, but basically this is a very promising love affair. Let's say a good prognosis for an affair and not a very good prognosis for a marriage.

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