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Are Aries & Virgo Compatible?

Find out if Aries and Virgo are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Aries and Virgo as a couple, as a relationship, are very different. Again, they're looking for different things in life. Virgo is reticent. Virgo tends to be ordered. Virgo wants to make his or her life count for something. Aries on the other hand wants adventure and excitement and to be the one in front, and to experience everything for the first time.

That quality of wanting to experience for the first time is very important, because Aries doesn't like doing the same things over and over and over again. Whereas Virgo is comforted on a psychic level by having a sense of not only order but a sense of routine. It doesn't mean the Virgo is boring. It means that the Virgo's life works best if it can be in some kind of routine. That means home life, career life, relationships, something that's countable on. Aries can't always be counted on, because Aries darts here and there and is off doing something wonderful and new and exciting.

Now sexually they also have somewhat of a problem meshing their energies. Virgo can be deeply sexual, but Virgo also is reserved. So the Aries has to find a way into opening up the Virgo, making the Virgo feel that it's all right to let out its passions, let out its emotions.

In general, they would find that as a couple they're goals are different. What they need from each other is different. Very shortly, this affair might just dissolve into a lot of nitpicking and carping and criticizing. So I would say that if you are either a Virgo or an Aries that you should carefully look at the person you're involved with and make sure that you can work this out for the long term.

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