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Is Taurus Compatible with Taurus?

Find out if Taurus is compatible with another Taurus from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus and Taurus make a combustible combination. They are both earthy and passionate and caring. The thing in astrology is, being earth signs, and they're both the same sign. So there might be too much sameness. They might get into a groove where life becomes a little boring or dull, because there isn't someone else to spark new interests from.

In general, when they first meet, it is very passionate. They are sexual, sensual, romantic, caring signs. So they do fall into this deeply romantic bond. Then the issues arise having to do with Taurus's need to be very stable and very controlling.

The reasons Taureans like to control is so that they can make their environment stable. So once again we get into and issue between the two of them of who's in control. Who's in charge? Who's going to be stubborn? They're both terribly stubborn. Who is going to give in?

If they can, over time, learn to compromise and learn to open their hearts to being more spontaneous and to a world outside of just themselves, then it has great auguries for lasting.

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