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Are Taurus & Cancer Compatible?

Find out if Taurus and Cancer are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus and Cancer are a very compatible mix. In astrology Taurus is earth, meaning it seeks devotion, stability, is a very caring sign. Cancer is a water sign, which in astrology stands for emotions and feelings. One of the Cancer's unique characteristics is that the Cancer is very giving and very protective.

So here we have two signs that essentially want the same thing if they go about a little differently. They both want to have a love that stays, that is secure. They want to give and get protectiveness and loyalty and romance.

So as a couple they go through a number of stages. The beginning stage is highly romantic and sensual, because both are very sensual signs. Then they forma deeper bond, because their goals in life are to be safe and secure. Both of them are interested in pursuing making money, but money more for security rather than just to sit there and count up your wealth.

Cancer tends to be somewhat more creative. Taurus is more the businessperson. But together they make a great team both romantically, as business partner and certainly in a family setting, because both of them do want children and want to create a stable family.

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