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Are Taurus & Virgo Compatible?

Find out if Taurus and Virgo are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus and Virgo make a very good match. Both of them are earth signs and in astrology earth stands for the need for stability and order and some kind of structure in one's life. So they're both looking for that. They're looking for a relationship that is lasting that is faithful, something that they can feel emotionally safe within. They are both also looking to create a life, whether as individuals and particularly as a partnership, that gives them a sense that they're utilizing themselves, using their talents and using their good head for business. In short, to create a stable, ordered life.

Virgo tends to be more reserved. Virgo has deep sensuality. Taurus of course is very sensual. It's a sensual sign and loves the sensuality even of such things as the comforts of home, good food, good wine, just a creature of comfort type of sign. Virgo tends not to cater to this, so they may have a little bit of difficulty in figuring out whether they're happiest at home, whether they're happiest out with friends, but in general they share the fact that they do enjoy their friendships, their home, their money, their sense of commitment to each other, and the fact that they can find in each other a safe emotional nest.

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