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Are Taurus & Libra Compatible?

Find out if Taurus and Libra are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus and Libra strike it off immediately because Taurus is so romantic and sensual and interesting and stable. Taurus is an earth sign, which in astrology means it seeks something that is secure, wants a loyal relationship, wants a life that does offer stability and structure. Libra on the other hand is very drawn to this, but Libra is an air sign.

Libra lives in its mind, in its fantasies. Libra is also highly romantic, but they're romantic in different ways. Taurus thinks of romance as something nice to have, but it's like icing on the cake. Really, Taurus wants the cake. Libra wants to magic as if life were a beautiful movie, wants to feel as if life is more than just here and now, or more than just life is real and life is earnest. Libra doesn't like to get too, too real.

Therein is the problem between the two of them because Taurus is a very structured and real person and Libra is much more social, filled with a sense of, oh let's try this, let's do that, very spontaneous, very, very people oriented, and is looking for love, looking for a partner. The problem is Libra wants the perfect partner, wants life to be perfect, and has a hard time with harsh reality. After a while, these two are just going to go in separate directions because Libra wants to wander off and find new glamour and flirtations and Taurus won't stand for that, wants to have something very, very loyal.

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