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Are Taurus & Scorpio Compatible?

Find out if Taurus and Scorpio are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Taurus and Scorpio are a magnetic and wildly fabulous pairing. Both of them are looking for the same things in life. They're looking for something that is deeply intense, something that will last forever, and a relationship that will protect and surround them. They both become deeply immersed in their relationships.

There is, however, a basic difference between the two. First of all, these two are opposites in the zodiac. Each one has what the other one seeks and needs. But because they are so opposite, they also can butt heads, or even worse, they can get into major conflict.

Taurus tends to be extremely stubborn, will not compromise, wants what it wants when it wants it. Scorpio is intensely controlling and doesn't want someone who is not going to do what he or she says.

So the question here is who's going to make the rules, who's going to follow, who's going to integrate with the other. If they can manage that, they can integrate beautifully, because as I said, they each want to have a commitment that lasts forever. These two could make it last forever.

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