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Are Gemini & Libra Compatible?

Find out if Gemini and Libra are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Gemini and Libra are a wonderful combination. They are both air signs, meaning that they are mental. They love to chit-chat. They love people. They love to socialize. They have much in common when it comes to getting out into the world and experiencing.

They also are both romantic in slightly different ways. Gemini loves to flirt. So does Libra, not necessarily with each other. So they may run into a bit of jealousy down the line.

Also what Gemini is looking for is a twin soul, and Libra is looking for another, in other words, a significant other that will be strong and permanent and give the Libran a sense of security.

So a Libra doesn't always find this in a Gemini, because Gemini tends to be out and about and not at home much giving out a lot of security. Once they get past that, the relationship is perfect, because they can be very good friends. There is a lot of sparkle, as I say, in this relationship.

They also find that there is longevity, where with another person each of those signs may not be in it for the long term. With each other, they can be in it for the long term.

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