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Is Cancer Compatible with Cancer?

Find out if Cancer is compatible with another Cancer from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer and Cancer make a lovely, romantic, sensual, sensitive, very feeling relationship. Each of them is a very feeling sign. They are, of course, very alike, being both Cancerians. Cancer is ruled in astrology by water, and water stands for emotion. And so the basis of the Cancer experience and sense of self comes out of its feelings and emotions. The Cancerian with another Cancerian are very bonded. So, they get into a relationship, or they easily flow into a relationship in which both of them want to give and nurture, protect the other. Both of them are looking for not only a sexual experience that feels erotic, but feels very spiritual, because sexuality is a blending and a bonding of energy. Also Cancerians tend to be extremely sensitive, in that they are givers. They pick up signals from each other, and all told, if they could live on this emotional level, this emotional sexual level, everything would be lovely. The problem is that they are so sensitive that they tend to be touchy, and so the Cancerian pretty soon, each of them, begins to have hurt feelings. In many ways, the ways in which a Cancer deals with struggle, or pain, or abandonment, or feelings of being rejected is to withdraw. Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, moving inward under a hard shell, so the Cancer protects its soft inner self under a hard shell. And so, it withdraws. And so, you have a couple of sullen and angry people who will not say they are angry, and who will not discuss it openly, and who simply go into their shell. And that is the essential problem down the line with two Cancerians. It's hard to make this work because of their very, very deep feelings.

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