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Are Cancer & Virgo Compatible?

Find out if Cancer and Virgo are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer and Virgo do make a lovely love affair and it can proceed into a very solid, not only affair but a relationship and then a marriage. Cancer and Virgo are alike in many of its needs. Cancer is sensitive, interior. It is very romantic. It tends also to be a protector and to nurture others.

Virgo is the sign that needs to be needed and Virgo also is a practical person. Virgo wants to make a life, in which there is some security, which fits in with Cancer very well. They are different in certain ways.

Cancer tends to be more of a fantasy person. Let's say, have more imagination to be very creative and to be romantic. Virgo tends to be more structured and solid, but Virgo does have this underside - well, let's say this inner side - to it, of sensuality, passion and a deep need, as I said, to be needed.

So those energies fit beautifully. Sexually, at the beginning, Cancer will draw out Virgo's secret passions. Virgo is very loyal, doesn't tell a lie. Virgo tends to be there for the long haul, which is exactly what Cancer wants, and so with the middle part of the relationship, they can work out the issues of one being, perhaps more needy.

I'd say one, by the Cancer needing more, wanting more than the Virgo can give or is open to giving, but they can work that out, because bottom line, they're going for the same goals. So essentially, it is a workable, as well as romantic relationship.

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