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Are Cancer & Scorpio Compatible?

Find out if Cancer and Scorpio are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer and Scorpio make an intensely romantic, deeply passionate pairing. They work beautifully together because both of them are extremely feeling. Both of them are water signs and in astrology water stands for emotion and imagination and deep, deep feelings.

The problem that comes up shortly after all of the fabulous, passionate sex kind of dies down, is that Scorpio is so intense, and if the Cancer, by any chance, withdraws from the Scorpio, the Scorpio immediately has its feelers out for what's wrong. Why is the Cancer doing this? What can I do to haul the Cancerian in and hold fast?

Cancer doesn't mind being hauled in and held fast. But Cancer does need a little bit of space to do its creativity and to live its life not quite as intensely as the Scorpio. But basically as lovers and as marriage partners, and certainly as business partners, they both have the capacity to form something that is totally secure, loyal to each other, and that makes money as a pairing.

I bring up money because each of them does need money in order to feel secure, so it's a very good pairing on every level.

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