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Are Cancer & Capricorn Compatible?

Find out if Cancer and Capricorn are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer and Capricorn are opposites in the Zodiac, meaning that one sign is on one side of the Zodiac wheel, and the other sign is on the other side. Opposites tend to both attract and repel. In this case, there's more attraction than not, because Cancer and Capricorn have a great deal in common, meaning their goals in life. They need to feel in something that's safe in structure, that's ordered, so that their environment is not chaotic and crazy making. Cancer is very interested in money making, not necessarily for the money, but for the security it provides, and Capricorn is very good at this, because Capricorn is an achiever, Capricorn represents the ability to take one's talents and make the most of them. The other thing they have in common is that they're both loyal, they're both devoted, they don't lie, and so they do create a kind of protective nest for each other. The difficulties are that Capricorn is so strong, and by strong, I mean on its own, in its career, in its, was interested in life, Capricorn tends to be the kind of person who is such an achiever that other things go by the wayside, for example, tending to the relationship, being romantic, being sensitive to what the other person is feeling. And, Cancer is so sensitive, that it very often feels rebuffed by Capricorn ways which are cut and dry, and let's be practical, not too much time for all of this, sort of, wishy-washy nonsense. Other than that, they can work through that, they make a wonderful pairing and some of the most lasting marriages, out there in real life, are between a Cancer and a Capricorn.

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