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Are Cancer & Aquarius Compatible?

Find out if Cancer and Aquarius are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Cancer and Aquarius are very different. Their energies don't necessarily blend well together. They do find each other interesting at first. Aquarius has a mental approach to life. Very curious, very open, loves ideas. Aquarius is fixed in astrology, which means that it's stable and stubborn, and fixed in its opinions. So, this may or may not work well with the Cancerian who is not a mental sign, it's a feeling sign. Cancer is a water sign, so they live through their emotions even if they think that they are thinking, they're actually feeling. What Aquarius has is a lone wolf quality, a quality of being apart, of not wanting to be terribly tied down to emotional demands, Aquarius will stay in a situation, but not if there's too much emotion, too much sturm und drang, too much drama. Aquarius flees from that, and this is what Cancer provides, in a sense, because Cancer is very emotional, and therefore, in a relationship, talks about its feelings, if it comes up against somebody like an Aquarian, doesn't really want to explore feelings, then the Cancer feels abandoned and rejected and withdraws, and Aquarius is off doing its mental thing, and experiencing, and trying something new in life, to learn, and Cancer, it broods, and sulks, and withdraws into a painful shell. As you can see, the energies don't work terribly well over the long term. Short term, they might find each other's minds interesting, but that isn't going to last long.

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