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Are Leo & Virgo Compatible?

Find out if Leo and Virgo are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


At the beginning of a relationship, Leo and Virgo are drawn to each other because they're so very different. Leo is the shining, magnetic, sunny and vibrant person. It is the star of the Zodiac. Leo needs a lot of attention and loves to make life bigger than life. A Leo wants to experience something that is not mundane, not ordinary, but might be out of the movies: big, better, and filled with excitement. Now, Virgo doesn't live that way. Virgo wants to create a life not only that is safe and secure but is a life in which he or she achieves, uses its talents and its brilliance and its powers of mental perception to do something that's lasting in the world, something that is important to the world. So, immediately, Leo finds Virgo very interesting because Virgo tends to hold in its passions, and Leo, being a very passionate sign, is very eager to explore, oh, what's hidden, what's secret, what am I not seeing right here on the surface. Virgo is very drawn to Leo because Leo has these larger than life qualities. Virgo loves the Leo's passion, loves the Leo's exuberance, because Virgo very often finds it difficult to be highly exuberant. Virgo will think about something, and Leo will feel that something. Longer term, the energies between them are difficult to work out, because Leo gets tired of Virgo's critical ways, or its prude ways, or its practical ways. Virgo, very shortly, loses patience with Leo wanting to hog the attention, with Leo not doing something with its talents, but just being out there, shining in the world. They tend to criticize each other, they tend to feel abandoned by the other, emotionally, and very shortly, not even a friendship between the two of them works awfully well, they are so very different.

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