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Are Leo & Libra Compatible?

Find out if Leo and Libra are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Libra and Leo work beautifully together at least to begin with. Both of them have a sparkling approach. In other words they're looking for something that's fantastical, something filled with imagination, filled with glamour. Both of them are glamorous signs, and they tend to gravitate toward the kind of life in which there is a lot of glamour - good restaurants, loving to entertain, having many friends, going out and being the glittering center of whatever they approach or whatever they're in, whatever situation they're in. Both of them tend to be ambitious because they enjoy what money can buy. They're very talented. Both of them are highly creative.

Then, the problem begins between who is the star here? Who is going to get the most attention? Libra is more needy in the sense that Libra doesn't feel complete without a partner. Libra wants a strong other to complete him or her, wants someone who will be in tandem so that together you move through life in this grand adventure. Leo on the other hand is looking not for a partner so much but an audience, and so Leo can be very self-centered, very self-absorbed. Libra as well becomes absorbed in its wants and its needs and so you have two attention-seeking, self-absorbed people trying to blend long term, trying to blend into a relationship that can work and give each other what they need. Yes, it can work, but in that middle part, it takes work and patience and compromise. Both of them have to learn that.

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