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Are Leo & Scorpio Compatible?

Find out if Leo and Scorpio are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


As an affair, this is explosive, dynamic, brilliant. They make a fabulous couple to begin with. What they have in common is passion. Leo is a fire sign, which indicates great passion, great magnificence, looking for life on a larger level. The word magnificent comes to me about a Leo, because Leo looks for the spotlight and wants that admiration, needs the applause, and wants an audience. Scorpio lives life passionately as well, but Scorpio is more intense, more deeply felt. Scorpio is looking for sex to be an incredible, spiritual, physical, emotional bond, and Leo is looking for sex to be something like fireworks going off, something totally mindblowing. So, at the beginning they may have a lot of sex in common, but not very long into the affair, what happens is that Scorpio becomes resentful at Leo's outward, in other words, moving outward. More friends, more parties, more socializing, more adventure, and Scorpio tends to be more inward, wants to control, be possessive, to have a safe life, and safety to a Scorpio means control. If a Scorpio can control every aspect of its environment, then Scorpio feels safe. And so, very shortly, what happens is that they begin to have huge conflict over the domination, about feeling penned in, this is Leo feeling penned in and told what to do, and Scorpio feeling abandoned by a Leo that has far more interest in what's out there, than what's in here. So, basically, yes, great sex, great beginning of an affair, and it will dissolve rather quickly into friction and conflict.

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