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Are Leo & Aquarius Compatible?

Find out if Leo and Aquarius are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Leo and Aquarius start out on a high note. Really, it's a sparkling kind of affair. They're different in what they need, what they look for, but they find each other fascinating. Leo is a fire sign, so Leo wants to live life magnificently, wants to lead the good life, wants to be the star, needs a lot of attention. Also, Leo is looking for excitement, and to create excitement. Aquarius, on the other hand, is very curious. Aquarius is a mental sign, lives through its mind. Aquarius is very strong, opinionated, fixed, which is a good quality, fixed in astrology means in there for the long haul, stubborn, not a fly-by-night. But that fixed quality interferes in a way with what Leo looks for, because Leo does not want to be put down by the Aquarius. Aquarius can be very critical, Aquarius can say, well, this isn't working for me, and besides, I don't like your attitude, and I don't like the way you think. And Leo's confidence, although it's very high upon first meeting, actually there's a little secret part to Leo needs a lot of attention in order to bolster its confidence. And, so, it gets deflated by the Aquarius. Aquarius is very good with words, Aquarius can shoot those barbs out and be someone that deflates pomposity, or ego, or a sense of I'm important, look at me, look at me. So, Aquarius doesn't have too much patience with that. Leo, on the other hand, feels abandoned, feels deflated, feels rejected. And, so, these two signs, both of them fixed in astrology, Leo is fixed in its passions and its own ability to be faithful and loyal, and Aquarius, being fixed in its ideas, those two fixed qualities don't work well as a long term relationship.

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