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Are Virgo & Libra Compatible?

Find out if Virgo and Libra are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Virgo and Libra are very different people, but they are attracted to each other right away because of those differences. Virgo is a mental sign, is very interested in knowledge, has a deep broad knowledge base, many things: history, current affairs, can speak on art, and science, on the world at large, politics. So, Libra finds the conversationalism, if that's a word, in Virgo, very gripping. Libra is very interested in ideas and in hearing new things. The difference really is that Libra is not looking for that kind of practical approach to life. Libra wants life to be a bit more magical. Libra looks for glamor, for romance, for a sense that life has excitement. Libra can be a bit frivolous, and a bit lazy, and I talk about Libra's lazy ways also emotionally, because Libra would like to be looked after, and doesn't want to do, sometimes, the really hard work in a relationship to be the one that's there, and the nurturer and the protector. This is not a Libran's job. Libra wants to be the other half of a sparkling and magical union, a kind of star in his or her own right. So, very shortly, once the interest in each other wanes, and sexually, that wanes rather quickly because Libra wants sex to be a kind of fantasy, and Virgo has reserve about its passions and doesn't open up that quickly until Virgo trusts. And Librans ways have a way of making Virgo feel not as though Virgo can't really trust a Libran, because Libra is so flirtatious and loves to socialize and has a wide range of friends and activities. So, as I say, in the middle of the relationship once the sex has waned, they don't have much of a basis for a life in which they go toward the same goals, or want the same things out of life, or even a basis for being friends. Possibly as business partners, they could work things out, because Virgo tends to be the practical one, and Libra is the fanciful one. But, other than that, it's an iffy love affair.

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