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Are Virgo & Aquarius Compatible?

Find out if Virgo and Aquarius are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Virgo and Aquarius instantly love the other's mind. Both of them are mental signs. Virgo loves to think things through, Virgo has a practicality to its nature. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury. In astrology, the planetary ruler has something to say about the character of that sign. Mercury is the planet that rules communication and thinking processes, and solving puzzles, and learning new facts, and Virgo is very good at all of the above. What draws them together, as I said, which is that mental compatibility, can also put a wedge between them because Aquarius's mental processes are much more wide ranging. Aquarius is very opinionated, loves to know about the world at large, it can go deeply into such subjects as politics and history, the way cultures, the study of other beings. Aquarius tends to be a world traveler, but more in its mind than its body. Aquarius also is a very fixed sign. In other words, it is stubborn, it will hold its opinion, it is very fixed in its wide ranging ideas. And so, very shortly after all of the wonderful sexuality is brought out in each other, they will found out that that mental compatibility turns not quite so compatible, because they go in their different ways, they criticize each other, they find that they are not on the same wavelength, that they really don't give each other exactly what they need. It can make a very good friendship because the mind is always at work, the mind is curious in both signs, but as a love affair, where the emotions get into the way, it can get a little messy. Messy in that the Virgo wants to give, and serve, and nurture, wants to be in a stable relationship, but the Aquarian is more of a lone wolf, doesn't want to get into anything messy, doesn't want to be held down by emotional demands. So, mentally they work well, emotionally not so well.

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