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Are Virgo & Pisces Compatible?

Find out if Virgo and Pisces are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Virgo and Pisces are instantly drawn to each other because they're opposites in the Zodiac, opposites being that one sign, Virgo, is on this side of the wheel of the Zodiac and Pisces is on the opposite side. As opposites, they attract. Opposites do attract because they have what the other thinks he or she needs. Pisces tends to be dreamy, romantic, spiritual, kind of other-worldly, interested in deep passion, interested in anything in which it feels because Pisces is a water sign and therefore it operates totally within its feelings, in its emotions. This means in its creativity and its sexuality and its ambitions in life. Pisces is a sign that is highly creative and deeply spiritual. This doesn't mean that Pisces is not interested in sex because it's also a really sensual, sexy sign, and sex in the sense of deep, deep feeling, lots of compassion.

Virgo on the other hand is reserved. Virgo wants to lead a practical life, in other words, something that is safe and will lead to something that will make the Virgo feel secure. Virgo is a mental sign. It approaches things mentally. It is a sign that basically is ruled, if you will, by the planet Mercury, which is the thinking planet, communicating, using ideas for benefit to experience life as a sentient being, that is, a thinking being. Pisces is all about a feeling being. They do fall into this wild, wonderful, romantic, sexual affair because Pisces can draw out that fantasy in Virgo. Virgo creates the ballast and the anchor that Pisces is looking for, but very shortly they are going to go in different directions because Pisces will just swim away in its creative artistic interest and its friends and its approach to life which is, oh, let me experience this now! Virgo wants to experience it later once it's safe.

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