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Is Libra Compatible with Libra?

Find out if Libra is compatible with another Libra from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Libra and Libra make a lovely love affair. They are affectionate. There's a sense of frivolity and gaiety, a sense of magic to both of them. They tend to be elegant creatures who are drawn to the romance of a romance. The Libran gentlemen will do all the niceties - bring champagne, bring flowers, bring little presents. The Libra woman is extremely seductive, but its seduction not in deep heavy breathing kind of, it's like eroticism. It's more of being light-hearted, being full of fun and games, sexually, of titillating, of being someone who is elusive and beautiful and very gifted in the erotic arts. So together, immediately, they're drawn to that aspect of love and love making. They're also, as I say, drawn to the good life in that they enjoy the nice things in life. They both like to spend money. They both need money in order to support that kind of lifestyle.

What happens is that very shortly, hard reality seems to settle in. Neither of them really likes to deal with nitty-gritty reality. It's much more fun to be in a fantasy, or more fun to live life on higher plane, so to speak. When harsh reality sets in like, how are we going to make this money? Or, how are we going to get by on such and such? Or, in practical decision making - where should we live, how should we conduct our lives? It gets more problematical. In time, the Librans together may be much too alike to make a go of it together. At the beginning of course it's wonderful because they have that touch of romance and toward the end, they tend to separate possibly still as friends, but they do tend to separate as a relationship because it's just too difficult to be the one that has to face reality.

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