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Are Libra & Scorpio Compatible?

Find out if Libra and Scorpio are compatible from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Libra and Scorpio find each other fascinating to begin with. They are very different from each other and at the beginning of a relationship, the attraction is almost like, fatal attraction. Scorpio is deep and volcanic, very intense, very pulled inward. And Libra finds this very interesting because Libra is turned on by interesting people. Libra is an air sign, meaning it lives in it's mind and it's fantasy in many ways. Libra is glamorous, elegant, looks for a good life, looks for a lot of attention and enjoys a lot of adoration and this is what Scorpio can provide in spades.

Scorpio is an adorer, that's particularly sexually. Scorpio is deeply invested in the act of making love because to Scorpio it isn't just a physical act. It's emotional. It's spiritual. It's a bonding of psyches. And so, Libra is terribly flattered by this because Libra adores being adored. What happens however, is that very shortly the intensity of the sex that they share between the two of them wears thin. It's like, wears thin, at least for the Libra. Libra wants more glamor. Not so much storm and (?) and heavy breathing and emotional demands, and Scorpio is intensely demanding.

Scorpio does not want a relationship that's just for fun and certainly doesn't want a light flirtation. Scorpio wants a relationship that is a deep bond forever and ever. And Scorpio is a controller in order to get this and not only in relationships but in it's environment. In other words, setting the rules, living life according it's plan and it's ambitions and it's goals. Scorpio is deeply possessive and deeply domineering. And very quickly, Libra, who is a much more, much more like a butterfly, whether male or female, wants to escape that net.

So, the relationship tends to devolve very quickly into something that is full of conflict, of Libra trying to get away from this, of Scorpio becoming more and more seething and more and more volcanic, more filled with anger at the, how it perceives Libra to be elusive and not here and Scorpio won't stand for that. So, in general it is wonderful early sex and a wonderful attraction to begin with and then they really should try to part ways as reasonably and quickly as possible because it's only going to lead to deeper and deeper conflict.

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