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Is Aquarius Compatible with Aquarius?

Find out if Aquarius is compatible with another Aquarius from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Aquarius and Aquarius make lovely friends and that really is the key to whether or not this will make a lovely love affair. They are both air signs, obviously. They're both the same sign. Air in astrology signifies communication and exploration of independence - independence of thought and of spirit.

Air also has the feeling of mentally looking at the world and trying to reason it out, of wanting to come up with explanations as to why this happens or that happens. So Aquarians are great students of human nature, of politics, of history, of cultures. What they find in each other is this brilliant mind that they love in each other. So, as I say, the friendship aspect is very, very compatible.

The thing about becoming lovers is that although sex of course can be highly inventive and innovative because they both have that approach to life, of being innovative, of doing things that are sparkling and different and that delight the senses. But the problem is that they are not emotional. These are not emotional signs. They're thinking, they're mental signs.

So the quality of becoming emotionally connected, it takes longer. They can do it but it takes longer. Also, each of them is somewhat detached in the ability to attach themselves. Aquarius has the reputation, astrologically, as a person who loves humanity but doesn't necessarily love the individual, of someone who finds that other people can be cloying and annoying, and small-minded and petty.

They would much rather look at the broad picture than get emotionally involved. So these two have to become emotionally involved for it to be lasting. They have the friendship and the mental capacity, and now they have to find that emotional glue.

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