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Is Pisces Compatible with Pisces?

Find out if Pisces is compatible with another Pisces from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Pisces and Pisces are a compatible, at the beginning, match. They each give
to the relationship a deep sense of feeling, emotion, connection and

The sex between the two of them is quite magical because they both really
can be slaves to love. In other words, the giving of themselves, of their
psyches, of the pleasure of the body but also the pleasure of the senses in

Now the problem with two Pisceans is that they are so alike and therefore,
what each needs, the other cannot provide. A Piscean is basically looking
for a relationship in which he or she can be looked after emotionally.

Pisces can be dependant, can be needy. This isn't to say there aren't
strong Pisceans, certainly there are but the Pisces is not the one that's
going to become the dominate one.

When I talk about Piscean having an aptitude, if you will, for becoming a
sex slave, or a love slave, in order to be a slave you have to have a

Neither Pisces will take on the role of master because that is the
difficult one that requires strength and requires being in the relationship
as the authoritative one, the one who puts down the rules and drives the
action, so to speak.

What they have in common of course is that creativity and that deep feeling
of the sympathy that they can give each other and the understanding. They
do understand each other but they don't always get along together. Each one
needs more in the way of strength and firm direction, a ballast and an
anchor than the other one can give.

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