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How to Break Up with Aries

Find out how to break up with someone born under the Aries sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


The key to a breakup, let's say, if you want to get rid of an Aries in your life, is really easy because Aries needs to be the one that's the leader, that does exciting things, that thinks of life as a grand adventure.

So, simply pulling away from an Aries, putting the Aries in situations where he or she can meet new people, going to big parties, and drifting off by yourself, will definitely encourage an Aries to look elsewhere.

Aries needs, again, the word adventure; needs to feel that you are a partner, hold hands together, and jump into something wonderful in life. And so, as you withdraw, the Aries quickly will get the message. It's really easy to get rid of an Aries, because an Aries is looking for excitement, and within a very short time, if you are disengaged and boring, the Aries will drift away.

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