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How to Break Up with Gemini

Find out how to break up with someone born under the Gemini sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Gemini is curious and communicative and therefore, in a relationship, the minute that you, being in a Gemini relationship, you start to seem boring, you seem as if everything you say is something you've said before. You seem, I don't mean that you really are, but if you seem that way to a Gemini. If you say no, oh I don't wanna do that. No, that's too much trouble. No, I'd rather stay home and watch television.

Very soon, within a matter of weeks, the Gemini is going to start feeling that life is getting far too hum-drum, far too ordinary. Another thing about a Gemini is that Gemini, in a relationship, particularly a love relationship, needs to feel that you are his or her best friend that you're there in not only a spiritual communion, but a mental and emotional communion. Gemini's a sign of the twins and therefore, needs to feel that there is an alter-other, an alter-ego or a soul mate.

If you start to say no to life, "No, I don't wanna do this." The word no is really a big key in breaking up with a Gemini. The Gemini will, very quickly, move elsewhere.

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