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How to Break Up with Scorpio

Find out how to break up with someone born under the Scorpio sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video.


Scorpio is a difficult sign to break up with not because the Scorpio will last forever, it will if Scorpio feels loved and feels that you're loyal to him or her, but the difficulty is Scorpio can be vindictive. Scorpio has a temper or an anger, more than a temper even. Scorpio can make a dangerous enemy. By dangerous, I don't mean the he or she'll become a stalker, but it isn't good to confront a Scorpio and be in some kind of open confrontation.

Scorpio basically needs to feel that you are number one or, let's say, puts him or her as number one in your life. To start breaking up with a Scorpio, you need to plant the seeds that you might not be honest and up and up. Hide some money that you may be spending or tell a fib about something and then, he or she discovers this fib which, of course, you want him or her to do. If there's a little bit of deception going on, the Scorpio's quick to pick that up.

Scorpio also is domineering, is a controller, definitely a control freak and if you start manipulating your way out from under the control, not explaining where you've been, not doing what the Scorpio wants you to do, that will definitely send a message that you want out of the relationship. Scorpio also is very sexual and sensual. There's a difference. Scorpio, in terms of sexuality, feels that it is a profound experience. A profoundly, almost spiritual experience.

It's a bonding of two people and their psyches and so, if you start losing interest in sex or turn them down or suddenly become unavailable sexually, that is also a quick way to get rid of a Scorpio.

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