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How to Break Up with Aquarius

Find out how to break up with someone born under the Aquarius sign from internationally-known astrologer Joanna Martine Woolfolk in this Howcast video


Aquarius is the intellectual, independent person, a free spirit, someone who is imaginative and curious. Now, all of these qualities kind of boil down to someone who has an outlook that goes outward, not inward.

Let's say you want now to get rid of the Aquarian. It's going to be easy because Aquarius will probably sense it in you first, will sense that something is wrong first. But if not, certainly by being someone who is closed, closed to new ideas, closed to any kind of spontaneity, someone who has a negative attitude, by starting to be these things you will cause an Aquarian to feel, I don't like being here.

An Aquarian will get out of a relationship quicker than other people, although in astrology Aquarius is considered a fixed sign. Fixed means that you hold on, that you are faithful and loyal. The fixity really for Aquarius has more to do not emotionally, but a fixity of thinking, of its opinions, of how it sees the world. Therefore, an Aquarius will quickly get out of a relationship in which he or she feels bound to someone who is a stick in the mud, who is negative, who is someone who will not look outward but will draw inward and be downhearted. Aquarius loves to do imaginative things, and therefore any kind of behavior on your part where you're closed in, closed off will get rid of an Aquarian very quickly.

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